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The first step is to gather all of your supplies. Picking fabric is part of this step, so have fun and find something eye-catching and colorful!

Here is what you need:

***2 pieces of fabric measuring 24" X 42" (see note below)
***60" of drawstring or cord
***7" length of one-inch wide webbing
***All of the basic like scissors, thread, a fabric marking pen, pins and, of course, a sewing machine.

24" by 42" inches is equal to 2/3 yard of fabric. On my outside piece, I opted to sew two fabrics together in order to make my bag more colorful. I cut one piece (the stripes) 8" X 42" and another piece (the green floral) 17" X 42. The next two steps will show you how to proceed from here. If you are not sewing the two pieces together to make the outside piece for your bag, proceed to step "d".