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A-Part One: Making the fabric-edged towel

A-Part One:  Making the fabric-edged towel

Looking for something simple to sew?

Whether you are a beginner just starting out, or an experienced sew-er looking for a fun and simple gift to make for a friend, this kitchen set is just the thing! Use this tutorial for personalized kitchen-fun!

The first part of the tutorial is for the towel; the second part is for the potholder.

Happy sewing!


Two white or beige kitchen towels (I used waffle-weave towels purchased from Walmart--2 for $2.99)

(Your fabric measurements will depend on the size of your towels.) The towels I purchased measured 15" X 23". I cut my fabric one inch wider than the towel and cut the length 10". In others words, my fabric pieces measured 16" X 10".

Scraps of fabric from your collection will be perfect for this project!