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August 08, 2013



Randi, I have tears as I read this! Heartbroken and delighted all at the same time. So sorry you've had to walk through such pain and delighted at where it brought you, too. God's grace is truly enough isn't it. You are not alone in bringing things into the light. May I encourage you to go read Jacque Watkins blog (sorry I don't have the link right in front of me) - it will encourage and bless you. May you continue to delight in His presence. (If you don't remember me, I used to be over at 'fresh flowers' - the 'flowerlady' but I have a new blog now...

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Peace Randi.


Dear Randi, I have followed your blog for so many years. I wondered if something like this was happening in your life, I'm so sorry for this path and yet so thankful for God's faithfulness in your life. I love your honesty and spirit. Love and blessings to you.

Misty M

Thank you dearly for sharing...and reminding. May God continue to bless you and may you continue to grow in Him.


Thank you for sharing. such a hard time, but wonderful that God is teaching you and loving you so much. Keep on clinging to him. I'll be praying for you. :)


Amen, sister. There are such sweet blessings that can only be found in brokenness. I'm so sorry for the heartache you have suffered, but I am so thankful that you are choosing to see our mighty God that carries you and loves you through it all! (((hugs)))


Randi, your story is mine and probably many more women's, too. Thank you for sharing and healing with us all.

Robin in New Jersey

(((((Randi))))) Thank you for your honesty. God can be found in the pain and brokenness. HE and he alone, is safe to trust. His love endures forever.


Thank you Randi, I am living this out in my life also. Thank you, This has uplifted my spirit and given me hope.


Blessings to you on this journey.


Randi, Your vulnerable post will help so many in your same circumstances, I am sure. It is so refreshing to hear your words without the bitterness that the world usually hears attached to such pain in divorce. May the Lord bless you for your clinging to His hand!

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