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August 14, 2013



Perfect! God is so good and so sweet, and as my dear friend Randi always says, "He's just so nice". Excited to go into this year with you, my friend!

sara crystal

so sorry randi that you had to move on single, but there are blessings. I speak as someone who had to do the same. you have a lot of company. keep your head up and be strong. anyhow you have no choice, since if you collapse into the bed as a tearful sorry puddle, there is no one else to get anything done. yeah. sorry. but it is not so bad and you can do it. keep your back straight, drink lots of water, keep making stuff even more, count your gifts and blessings, and keep a good lawyer so you get your fair share. we love you, I love you, God loves you.your fan in oakland, ca, love sara and the fur gang

sara crystal

ps at our house we are allowed 10 MINUTES OF SELF PITY PER DAY. not more. love and a soft hug, sara


hey sara...i like the idea of 10 minutes a day. it leaves time to reflect and deal with feelings, but it also demands moving on. lucky for me, the deep, overwhelming feelings are few and far between now!

thanks! :)


Beautiful. Now that you have a vision and a name I am sure the year will go wonderfully. There will probably be ups and downs but that is 100% to be expected. Good luck!


I love the name and the intention behind it. Here's to a beautiful, fresh new year!

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