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January 17, 2013



Did you write this one for me? Totally encouraging, my friend!


Funny thing is we are never in control. Peace is priceless no matter the circumstance.


My heart totally echoes what you wrote and I can't tell you how many times this week I have said these words "Lord, I chose to focus on YOU, not the waves crashing around me!" Thank you for PEACE Lord!!! Love you Erin!


Excellent reminder of why we need to look up and not at the stuff around us...


I had a conversation such as this with my daughter today. They are facing a financial dilemma for the first time in 12 yrs. of marriage. My SIL's company has no more work for their engineers in 3 weeks. Everyone will be let go. They're in a mega home and my DD's income will not cover the mortgage. I told her to be quiet and let God whisper in her ear. He will. You know when you're in His will, easy road. Struggle equates rethinking what's going on. I told her God always has a window open but we truly have to relinquish control and admit He is Lord! We don't learn to be dependent on The Lord if we have no struggles. You will discover something wonderful is about to take place.

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